Small Desktop Settings Tool for Ubuntu Unity-2D 11.10 (Updated Apr 3rd 2012)

This is an update to the small tool I made for Unity 2D to save time modifying its settings from the terminal or dconf-editor.

An updated Version for 12.04 LTS can be found in this post

Download: (Requires an up to date Ubuntu 11.10 System)


-> Icon right click Shortcuts (QuickLists) for launcher settings and compositing manager, which brings window edge shadows and alt-tab thumbnail previews, very handy for multi-tasking.

The same shortcuts can be found by searching for them in the dash.

-> An updated (From PyGtk) Gtk+3 GUI with the two available Unity-2D preferences for dash and launcher and a few extras.

Notes: Window Shadows will not show until you click everywhere in your desktop to refresh the compositing effect once enabled via the checkbox icon in the GUI. (The Quicklist and Dash shortcuts will launch a message dialog that will refresh the compositing effects automatically.)
The ‘Always Show’ option for the launcher will not work while the launcher is hidden (A native bug in Unity-2D caused by the ‘use-strut’ gsettings key), you can use “Super” or “Alt+F2” keyboard shortcuts to force the launcher to show.